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الرئيسية | استراليا | The High Islamic Council of Australia-Darulfatwa’s 6th Multicultural Mawlid Concert was endorsed by Al-Azhar Ash-Shareef of Egypt and Australian government officials.

The High Islamic Council of Australia-Darulfatwa’s 6th Multicultural Mawlid Concert was endorsed by Al-Azhar Ash-Shareef of Egypt and Australian government officials.

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In another successful concert commemorating the birth of the best of creation—Prophet Muhammad, held under the patronage of Darulfatwa Australia at the Homebush Olympic Park Sports Centre, a crowd of over 5000 rushed from across Sydney and Australia to be again taken in awe by an evening of solidarity and surprise.


This year’s Multicultural Mawlid Concert which carried the slogan, ‘Oh Muhammad, Everything About You Is Great’, focused on amplifying the message to the world that Islam is against radicalization, extremism and terrorism and in support of unity, social harmony and solidarity.


Muslims from all walks of life, non-Muslim, young and old, officials, dignitaries, diplomats, media representatives and families filled the stadium from 4pm, waiting in suspense for the surprises to unveil.


As the crowd was being seated, Darulfatwa and the ICPA dignitaries hosted the VIP party backstage. They included, His Excellency General the Hon. David Hurley, Prime Minister the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull represented By Senator the Hon. Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, NSW Leader of Opposition Mr Luke Foley, Deputy of Al-Azhar Egypt, Professor Dr. ^Abbas Shuman, Ms Julia Finn MP,


Mr Paul Lynch MP, His Excellency Mr Mohamed Mael-Ainin Ambassador of Moroccp, Mr Hamzeh M. Al-Omari Counsellor Jordanian Embassy ,Consul-General of Egypt Mr Youssef Hassan Shawki, Honorary Consul of Banghladesh, Mr. Anthony Khouri, Consul-Generalof Iraq Mr. Bassim Dawood, Honorary Consul of Syria Mr Mayer Dabbagh, SBS journalists, Chairman of Darulfatwa Australia Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan, ICPA President Dr. Ghayath Al-Shelh OAM, Deputy Chairman Darulfatwa-Australia Sheikh Ibrahim Shafie, numerous imams, sheikhs and community leaders of diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, businessmen and professionals.


Following the official reception, the VIPs were escorted to their front row seats in the concert arena to witness the opening of the curtains and the multilingual performances of children and adult groups that took the crowd by storm.


The evening entertained the crowd with surprise after surprise. For the first time ever to happen in Australia and the world, Darulfatwa Australia proudly had in its possession five sacred relics of Prophet Muhammad dating 1430 years, flown in from their sacred land especially for the 2015 Multicultural Mawlid Concert.


Encased in a diamond studded hexagonal treasure box with a glass lid, the honourable relics were unveiled to the excited audience in grandeur.


After the official welcoming and the opening recitation of the noble Qur’an, the convoy of nobility comprising over 25 imams and sheikhs from diverse ethnic backgrounds, unified in their traditional gowns and turbans, took to the stage in a demonstration of honour and glory.


Among the nobility was the special guest and speaker of the evening, Deputy Chair of Al-Azhar Ash-Sharif of Egypt Arabia, Professor Dr. ^Abbas Shuman who arrived from Egypt in response to a personal invitation from Darulfatwa Australia.


Headed by the Chairman of Darulfatwa- the High Islamic Council of Australia, his eminence Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan who was carrying the blessed Treasure Chest, the nobilities stood in respect, as Dr. Sheikh Salim presented the sacred box to the people on a rising podium.


Decorated with white roses, the stage and the podium became alit with surrounding fireworks and the venue vibrated with the resounding chant, ‘Oh Muhammad Everything About You Is Great’.


The crowd of over 5000 people cheered with excitement not only to uphold the age-old Islamic tradition of aggrandizing the prophet in celebrating his Mawlid ﷺ, they were equally festive to the opportunity to cheer the target message of the evening that, ‘we as Muslims are a moderate people and are against the rampant terrorism happening across the globe’.


In his short but sharp word describing the situation and stand of Muslims around the world, his eminence Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan said:


“We as Muslims are a nation of moderation and balance. We reject the atrocities occurring around the world and to innocent victims by the hands of radicals who have turned extremists and murderers.


“We are a moderate people adhering the teachings of the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad and methodology of Al-Azhar Ash-Shareef of Egypt, the world renowned resource for Muslim jurisprudence”.


He added in assertion before inviting the guest speaker to the stage:


“We love Al-Azhar and what Al-Azhar stands for of moderate views”.


The authority of Azhar in his official capacity, His eminence Dr. ^Abbas Shuman took to the stage. In an address agreeing with Sheikh Salim Alwan, his primary message was, Muslims are moderates, neither careless nor radicals.


“I am pleased with what I saw [on stage].


“I commend your children for their performances and messages. It is stronger than what I can deliver or anyone else can deliver.


“Our Islam is clear of extremism and crime. My thanks to all those who helped with this event and helped me personally to cleanse my sole- a matter that I need to happen.


“When we see what we see of destruction and crime, we need to remember that Islam is a religion of peace. These criminals are not representing Islam. Islam denounced them”, he said.


He continued to describe the two rejected podiums of extremism, saying:


“Sadly, some who claim to be Muslims have gone extreme and deemed everyone as infidel and everything they see is forbidden.


“Others have carelessly deemed everything as permissible, hence also killing the innocent.


“They have no evidence to their claims.


“Our Islam is compassion, peace, justice and mercy.


“At-Takfir (to deem everyone worthy of killing) is not Islam. These extremists have gone astray with their ideology.


“If people choose a different religion, we can still work together to solve world problems.


“Let’s look at what’s happening in Pakistan, Burma, Africa, Syria, Palestine and the rest of the world. “This is the result of the extremist ideologies. Nothing to them is sacred. To them all that is sinful is lawful and all that is lawful is sinful”.


Prof. Shuman, ended his word with a special thankyou to Darulfatwa-Australia for the invitation and invited prospective students to enrol with Az-Azhar for religious courses on moderation, in collaboration with Darulfatwa Australia.


In the private VIP reception prior to the event, commendations to the efforts of Darultwa-Australia were echoing loud and clear.


Deputy Chairman Darulfatwa-Australia, Sheikh Ibrahim Ash-Shafie set the scene with a clear message describing extremists. He said:


“By their malicious acts, they have made the saying of the Messenger of Allah apply to them: ‘Near the end of time, men will come forth fraudulently using the Religion to gain worldly matters and wear sheepskin in public to display meekness. They speak with words sweeter than sugar, but their hearts are the hearts of wolves’.


“We recognize that in today’s climate of global terror, the primary need is to warn Muslims against falling into the traps of manipulative rhetoric that lead to radicalization and terrorism respectively.”


Sheikh Ibrahim made it clear that in working for the solution, Darulfatwa has been collaborating with Al-Azhar of Egypt to toughen its call against extremism in Australia and the world.


The NSW Governor Hon. David Hurley said in support of Darultawa Australia and the Muslims community of NSW:


“You have played a very active and positive role in our society.


“We should come together with you on special occasions to celebrate…your role in the community and the support you have given to this country.


“It is good to see that you are reaching out to the wider community to give these messages of assurance at this difficult time.”


In her address to the VIP reception, Senator the Hon. Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, minister for multicultural affairs and representing the Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Turnbull read a statement on behalf of the Prime Minister in which he wrote.


“The annual Multicultural Mawlid Concert is a wonderful expression of fellowship and identity drawing together Australian Muslims in commemoration of Prophet Muhammad’s birth.


“As you mark this ancient ritual, I thank Darulfatwa and everyone in attendance for your commitment to diversity and for preserving the values that underpin our open democratic society”.


Mrs Fierravanti-Wells added in her capacity:


“I take the opportunity to thank the hard of organizations such as Darulfatwa the Islamic High Council and the work that you have done in educational and welfare in the community sector and have since 2004 continued to benefit Australians of Muslim faith.


“Your calls in opposing extremism are very important particularly at this time.


Leader of Opposition Mr Luke Foley acknowledged the many activities that he has participated in with Darulfatwa Australia and the ICPA and in reflection said:


“On so many occasions Darulfatwa plays a leadership role in the community.


“To tell a story and celebrate cultural diversity within Islam in this Australia’s largest city but also to spread the message of fraternity between people of different cultures and faiths…is so important.


“So thank you to Darulfatwa Australia for once again bringing us together in this Mawlid concert.”


Phillip Ruddock sealed the VIP talks with an echoing message of endorsement.


“Having been with Darulfatwa and the ICPA for decades, I appreciate particularly your leadership.”


The evening progressed with spectacular stage performances including a play narrating the birth of the prophet followed by welcoming on stage the master of entertainment and the star of the celebration, another special guest who arrived from Lebanon to uphold the Mawlid concert, the world renowned Haj Mohammad Al-Kheir.


The great Arabic chanter Mohammad Al-Kheir has over 1000 chants to his name and has travelled to over 10 countries in his 20 year career holding concerts in praise of the prophet and glorification of the Creator. The crowd cheered and clapped and sang along as their favourite chanter enlightened the evening and his captivating voice sent the crowd to a new level of euphoria.


The night ended with a supplication by the great chanter. The audience then made their way outside to seek the blessings from the traces of Prophet Muhammad and cast their eyes on the sacred relics.


In its tradition to unite Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds, the 2015 Multicultural Mawlid Concert, was organized by a committee of over twenty members of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds in Sydney, lead by the Islamic Charity Projects Association (ICPA). With the motivation and inspiration of the ICPA President Dr. Ghayath Al-Shelh OAM , three hundred volunteers diverse in age, gender and culture participated in the success of the event.


The grand event was broadcast live and exclusive on the Muslim Community Radio 2MFM 92.1 and can be viewed on Youtube and the 2MFM facebook page.

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