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الرئيسية | قضايا وآراء | عنكبوتيات | Australia: Consul General of Lebanon and his inviolable wife at a notorious dinner!!

Australia: Consul General of Lebanon and his inviolable wife at a notorious dinner!!

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The photo speaks for itself as it shows Mr. George Bitar Ghanem, Consul General of Lebanon, and his inviolable wife, lawyer Bahia (Betty) Abou-Hamad in the den of corruption.


According to our information, the dinner scene was set in the home of Mr Mohamad Mehajer. The dinner occured on Sunday 22 May 2016

Many members of the Lebanese community in Australia were shocked by the scandalous photos, which are being circulated through social media and some infamour Arab media outlets. The photo's clearly show the Consul General of Lebanon and his wife attending a dinner being held at the house of Mr Mohamad Mehajer. Mr Mohamad Mehajer is a former prisoner, who was convicted on the counts of fraud and corruption.

Is the Consul General of Lebanon so naïve that he accepts an invitation of a businessman, who was convicted of corruption?


The Australian media outlets are covering other acts of corruption related to Mr. Salim Mehajer, who is the son of Mr Mohamad Mehajer. The amount of allegations against him may eventually lead to imprisonment.

What’s worst then the above mentioned, is the fact that the Consul's wife is a lawyer who is supposed to be aware of the seriousness of Mehajer's family criminal position. Lawyer Bahia (Betty) Abou-Hamad has never been described as a renowned lawyer. Furthermore, she has had no notable lawsuits in the Australian courts. I assume she lives in another world or probably has no idea about the stories that are being circulated daily about Mehajer family in the Australian.


Are such behaviors of the Consul General of Lebanon indicators of naivety and impudence or are there any other issues (God forbid) connecting him and his wife to the Mehajer family?


Does boredom lead you, even though you are a new groom, to accept any invitation regardless of where and from whom it came from?


Unfortunately, for the Consul after he married a lawyer, who is busy showing off here and there.


Previously, we wrote about the Consul and praised his good performance in both practical and administrational levels, in addition to the professionalism of the Consulate staff in dealing with members of the community. So what is wrong with him now?


What kind of curse marginalizes his personal behavior which is subjected to accountability as he represents Lebanon as a public official.


During a dinner being held in the Consul’s honor, two years ago, we advised him to be cautious, and to not fall in the mud and corrals of the dirty community. He demonstrated his full understanding.


Bahia (Betty) Abou-Hamad

When Consul Ghanem took up his post, some members of the community started to speak up because they suspected a relationship between the Consul and lawyer Abou-Hamad.

During that time, many members of the community didn't believe that there was a relationship present between the two. Members of the community thought it was just gossip, probably because they were keen on the position of the Consul and what he represents.

Some people classified the relationship as a friendship, but others saw it more than that. Especially because Abou-Hamad became his shadow, accompanying him in most of the formal and social events.


Lawyer Abou-Hamad works as a migration agent and she has a little number of legal cases outside this domain.

There is little amount of information about Bahia (Betty) Abou-Hamad, except for her love of the prestige and boasting that has become a disease without a cure

Civil marriage in the consulate

It is a known fact that all cases of civil marriage of Lebanese people happen in Cyprus or any country that has laws recognizing such a marriage.


As the Lebanese Consulate situated in Sydney is a piece of Lebanese land, the civil marriage is prohibited within it. That is in accordance with the laws of our home country. Yet Consul Ghanem, magically excluded himself from these laws. A Lebanese civil marriage is prohibited within the Lebanese consulate building, it defies all laws and norms.



Consul Ghanem during signing his civil marriage contract inside the General Consulate of Lebanon in Sydney.


The heat of love gathers their two hearts. Meaningful image, is not it?


Mending the Consulate house

In 2012, the Consulate General of Lebanon in Sydney launched a donation campaign aiming at restoring, furnishing and maintaining the mission staff residence.

The member of the community responded to Consul Ghanem's call and the total amount raised was about 80000 Australian dollar.

Since that day, the Consul did not issue any statement following the donation and the way this money was spent.

Is it not the right of the members of the community, who participated in donating money to the campaign, to have access to the ways and in what areas the money was spent? Or is this a private matter for you and for those who circulate around your orbit?


The visit of Ahmad El Hariri. General Secretary at Future Movement to Australia in 2015

We don't want to talk a lot about the visit of Ahmad El Hariri. The General Secretary at Future Movement visit to Australia in 2015 was out of context, but the point of focus is the "lightness" which appeared in the reaction of the Consul during the visit.

Some people wondered if at that time the Consul was one of Hariri's staff or an official working for the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hariri is not a current or former M.P or former minister and he does hold any official position that would be able to justify the trotting of the Consul behind him as if he is one of staff members.


The following photos speak for themselves




Also, Dr. Jamal Rifi participated in what is called Mehajer Circus, as he gave Salim Mehajer a Certificate of good conduct and made him seem like a role model.

 Salim Mehajer is a role model says supporter Dr Jamal Rifi


Summary of the verdict against Mr Mohamad Mehajer:

Mohamad Mehajer, who is the father of Salim, was a former property developer who was charged with conspiracy to cheat, defraud and to corruptly give a benefit for using fake financial details to get $3.9m from NAB.

He was sentenced to three and half years in prison with a non-parole period of two years and a period of eligibility for parole consisting out of one and a half years. He was released on 17 December 2015.


See the link below for the full verdict against Mr Mohamad Mehajer:

This is the link to the case of R v Mehajer [2013] NSWDC 266 (PDF)



The report of the dinner that circulated in social media pages were written by Hussein Alouche. Who is known for fabricating and posting the news according to his "size" and making propaganda for them on facebook pages.


We wish that Hussein Alouche would revise what he wrote, especially in connecting Mehajer's family with science and culture. Of course, science and culture are very clear in the verdict against Mr Mohamad Mehajer and his son Salim whose news , related to his corruption in Auburn City Council overflow the Australian media, and he is awaiting tens of judicial cases in Australian courts.



Second person from right: Mr Mohamad Mehajer, Mrs. Bahia (Betty) Abou-Hamad (lawyer) and her husband, George Bitar Ghanem (Consul General of Lebanon)



The front row, fifth from the right: Mrs. Bahia (Betty) Abou-Hamad (lawyer) and her husband, George Bitar Ghanem, Consul General of Lebanon and Mr Mohamad Mehajer.

The back row, the first person from the left: Mr. Salim Mehajer.



George Bitar Ghanem, Consul General of Lebanon did not stop at just attending the sinister dinner but also received Mr Mohamad Mehajer within the Lebanese Consulate


Salim Mehajer with some organized criminal characters in Sydney.


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